This is our “most wanted” pack, which is hiring a photographer on a hourly basis. We start with one hour, but the customer can ask for more time while making the reservation or even when the first hour of service has finished.

Within the appointed time, the photographer will take pictures of everything that happens around the location, other times he/she will take candid photos, sometimes he/she will ask the protagonists to look onto the camera. All of it with the goal to get an unforgettable moment.

After, the photographer will edit all the images and will deliver the 40 best shots to the customer as soon as possible.





Everything changes when you change your point of view. The use of a drone allows you to see everything in a much more spectacular way.

Our drone pilots have official licence and are part of an operating company. This means that they can fly with no boundaries, within the regulatory limitations.

The aerial photos and videos can be also booked as a supplement to the “Enjoy” pack.




Our workshops are meant for those who want to take their own pictures and want them to be good. In our Workshop, one of our professional photographers, who has an extensive experience in teaching photography, will show to the participants the use of their own camera and will give fundamental knowledge about making photographs.

Every Workshop is tailored to the skill level of the participants and will propose a route to implement the new skills.

It is a 4-hour course including theory and practice. The prices vary depending on the number of participants, from 190€ for a single participant to 90€ per person for groups between 4 and 6 participants.





Maybe for you 2 or 3 hours is not enough. Or, for instance, you have organized a trip with your friends for several days. Maybe you have planned a special. Are you more a video person and you’d rather have a video montage of your holidays… We can offer whatever you come up with. Just contact us and we will make a custom notation for your custom needs.



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